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8 Uses for Reclaimed Wood in Your Seattle Home

February 04, 2016

Seattle people adore reclaimed wood and the décor statement it makes. It’s emerged as a trendsetting way to upcycle weathered wood and gloriously express your own distinctive style. Reclaimed wood products tend to make a favorable impression whether you use it on a wall, your cabinets, or – imagine it! – your windows. Think some reclaimed wood suggestions are in order? We’ve come up with 8 superb ideas for you – every one of them applied to wonderful effect in Seattle homes.

1.Outfit Your Windows with Reclaimed Wood

Believe it! This is a first: reclaimed wood – that décor alternative you’ve long sought to feature in your home – is now, at last, available to you as a stunning window treatment. Sunburst Shutters now offers a plantation shutter created from the finest reclaimed wood. As you’ll surely discover, Sunburst is the sole company providing reclaimed wood shutters in the Seattle area. We searched high and low for the reclaimed wood you love and used it to give you a louvered shutter that’s both beautiful and functional.

Reclaimed wood shutters in Seattle 

Reclaimed wood can become the makings for a window treatment that’s wholly original. You’ve got a head start, for sure, when your reclaimed wood shutters are a work of art in their own right. And Sunburst makes sure they are. You’ll see that their smooth, simple operation is as beautiful as their look. Tilt the louvers open to brighten up the room’s interior. And tilt them closed to enjoy fully the weathered look of reclaimed wood on your window. If we’ve heightened your interest, you’ll want to look deeper into reclaimed wood for windows in Seattle

2. Walls of Reclaimed Wood

Bring the outside in with a reclaimed wood wall. Reclaimed wood paneling adds subtle drama to a wall and adds a homey feel to the room. It doesn’t matter if you have a artwork, TV, bookcase, or fireplace to accentuate, a reclaimed wood wall will look incredible behind it and create just the effect you’ve sought.

3. Redo Your Floors in Reclaimed Wood

Looking to redo a floor in your house? Wood flooring of any kind can impart warmth to a room, but flooring of reclaimed wood has a singular beauty perfected in the time – typically decades – the wood has remained in its natural habitat. No matter if you’re a bona fide nature lover or someone who’s simply drawn to the look of weathered wood, you’ll fall head over heels in love with what a reclaimed wood floor can do to upgrade your home.

4. Cabinets of Reclaimed Wood

On account of the greater availability of reclaimed wood, now is the perfect time to make over your kitchen cabinets. It’s the natural way to revive your entire kitchen. Every panel of reclaimed wood evokes a compelling tale – of considerable time [[spent in an old building, for example, or as part of a barn or fence. And a trace of that narrative will live on in your reclaimed wood cabinets, coming to mind each time you lay eyes on them.

5. Reclaimed Wood Makes a Great Table

Tabletops made from reclaimed wood can impart a modern, emphatically different look to your dining room or home office. Partner the subtle, natural hues of reclaimed wood with your décor for a harmonious look that satisfies you – as it takes your guests’ breath away!

6. Your Bookcases Cry Out for Reclaimed Wood

However else we may view them, books make wonderful decorative pieces. Set a book or group of books on a coffee table or end table, on a bookshelf, or in a big bookcase, and they’re sure to make a good impression. Their pleasing variety is both differentiated and unified in bookcases of real wood, too. And bookcases of reclaimed wood, due to their natural colors, knots, holes, scratches, and other telling features, become an especially distinctive, one-of-a-kind furnishing.

7. Reclaimed Wood for Frames

The mellow, natural look of reclaimed wood is ideal for picture frames. It actually can enhance your favorite artwork and important photos in a decidedly impressive manner. Note also that frames of reclaimed wood can be assembled in a plethora of styles, so they’ll harmonize with almost any décor.

8. Reclaimed Wood and Headboards

Few things can reinvigorate the appearance of a bedroom like a smartly designed and constructed headboard. It’s anybody’s guess today as to whether people have their headboard attached directly to the bed or fastened to the wall behind the bed. Either way, a headboard adapted from reclaimed wood planking can be undeniably gorgeous. It’s natural coloring and weathered features lend themselves to a seemingly infinite number of styles, from antique to modern. With reclaimed wood, you’ll discover there aren’t any limits on your imagination to prevent you from creating the headboard that dreams are made of!

Reclaim Your Creativity with Reclaimed Wood

We hope we’ve inspired you with these 8 ideas for making use of reclaimed wood. But we have plenty of other ideas kicking around – ideas that blend well with the reclaimed wood shutters we alone provide in Seattle. Our people will gladly show you samples of our shutters, answer your questions, and provide you with many other design ideas. Contact us at 360-464-2277 to schedule your free in-home design consultation at your first opportunity!