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Plantation shutters in Chehalis living room with fireplace

The Best Plantation Shutters, Blinds & Shades In Chehalis, Washington

There’s nothing that offers more grace and allure to the windows in your house than plantation shutters, blinds and shutters, and no one knows more about plantation shutters, blinds and shades than us. Since 2011, we have helped countless people upgrade their windows and enhance their space with gorgeous plantation shutters, blinds and shades in Greater Seattle.

Polywood shutters in modern family room

As one of the top local shutter companies in Chehalis, we’re invested in our customers – and it’s evident . From your first home design consultation to final installation, ours is a smooth process that gives you the best plantation shutters  in Greater Seattle.

Interior Shutters - Chehalis’s Favorite Window Covering

Plantation shutters in bathroom
Many homeowners in Chehalis have chosen interior shutters to add style to their windows and homes. Why are indoor shutters some of the best-selling window treatments? Here are just a few reasons:


  • Aesthetics - Interior plantation shutters are elegant and timeless due to their austerity and clean lines. They coordinate with a range of fashions, colors, and even other window coverings. And because they can be constructed to work with any type of window they can be installed on any window in your house.

  • Durability - Many window treatments such as blinds break within a few years and will require frequent replacing. But indoor shutters are made to last dozens of years. Despite constant sun exposure, Sunburst shutters won’t yellow, bend, or break.

  • Temperature Control & Energy Efficiency - Interior shutters insulate your home from its number one source of energy loss – your windows. Their r-value outclasses shades, drapes or blinds which means less heat transfer and lower AC costs.

Chehalis’s Best-Selling Faux Wood Shutter is Polywood

For every reason plantation shutters have become Chehalis homeowners’ window treatment of choice, Polywood® plantation shutters provide those benefits and more.

Bedroom with plantation shutters

Built from a patented solid engineered wood substitute, Polywood shutters are completely impervious to chipping or cracking, and will never split or bend. They’re definitely the most resilient shutter you can find in Chehalis. Not to mention, they’re completely moisture-resistant and fire-resistant, so they’ll survive the worst storms.

Polywood shutters can be bought in an array of white and off-white shades, with available wood-like stains for a darker and richer tone. Their classic flair, solid louvers, and clean lines make these shutters a fantastic addition to any house, regardless of the type or era in which it was built.

Our patented Polywood material, with standard weatherstripping that’s custom-fit to your windows, makes Polywood plantation shutters by far the most energy efficient window treatment on the market. Polywood shutters can block up to 50% of the energy loss through your windows, which means lower heating and air conditioning bills for you.

What’s more, Polywood shutters are American-made.

Hardwood Shutters in Chehalis

For Chehalis residents that want to bring the natural beauty of hardwood indoors, Sunburst Shutters has you covered with eye-catching Ovation® natural wood shutters. Hardwood shutters, built from solid furniture-grade teak, are a phenomenal window covering for Chehalis homeowners that want a fashionable window treatment that can add character and history to any room. The natural wood grain, along with Sunburst’s wide array of natural wood finishes, lets you bring Mother Nature’s best looks inside your home.

Ovation shutters in kitchen

For a natural wood shutter even closer to nature, Sunburst also offers reclaimed wood shutters in Chehalis, Washington. Our stunning reclaimed wood shutters are sourced from lumber all across the country, making a window treatment that is altogether one of a kind, and a work of art in its own right.

It’s Simple To Get Custom Shutters In Chehalis

Ordering the ideal shutters for your home might seem a bit unnerving. But with Sunburst, we make the process of getting custom shutters in Chehalis simple. Here’s how we make it work:

  1. You call 360-464-2277 or fill out the form below to schedule a complimentary design consultation with one of our window pros.

  2. During the in-home consultation a Sunburst rep will get exact measurements of your windows. They’ll also sit down with you to look at all your shutter and window treatment options, and offer tips for what would work with your budget, existing home design, and your personal needs.

  3. After understanding all of your options, you choose your favorite window treatment and place your order.

  4. After a few days, our installation team comes to your home to put in your new shutters and show you how to care for them.

At the end, you’ll have stunning custom shutters for your home without having to measure or install them yourself. It’s that easy to get personalized, custom shutters in Chehalis.

Polywood Shutters Deliver Incredible Energy-efficiency And May Save You As Much As $1200 With The Energy Tax Credit!

Sunburst’s exclusive Polywood® synthetic wood plantation shutters do more than give you a classic look and an amazing level of control over exterior light. These shutters will save you money on your energy bills! Polywood shutters are able to conserve heating and cooling up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The energy-smart qualities of these exceptional Seattle window treatments have even been authorized for a 2023 federal tax credit up to $1200.



Installing Collection of Shades and Blinds Around Chehalis

If you’re looking for a window treatment aside from shutters, we have what you need. We have an assortment of blinds, shades, and other window treatments for you to pick from.

Blinds In Chehalis

Hardwood blinds in kitchen

Our new motorized blinds combine the low maintenance of blinds with the resilience and clean looks. Choose from either Chehalis wood blinds built from basswood or faux wood sets.

Shades In Chehalis

Brown cell shades in bedroom

Our window shades in Chehalis include an array of textures and fabrics to fit any room in your home. Choose from roller shades,  patterned shades, Honeycomb shades, motorized shades and more to achieve the best looks for your windows.

To get even more ideas, take a look at our Home Idea Gallery which is full of photos of our shades, blinds, shutters, and other window treatments available in Chehalis.

For Chehalis Window Treatments, Turn To Sunburst

Don’t make your windows an afterthought to your home any more. With aid from Sunburst Shutters Washington, you can totally revamp the looks and energy efficiency of your home, without ever lifting a finger.

Just call 360-464-2277 today to talk to one of our window treatment professionals, and schedule your complimentary window design consultation, so you can get the perfect window treatment for any of your windows, regardless of the dimensions, shape, or room it’s in.