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Light faux wood blinds above a bathtub

How To Choose Custom Faux Wood Blinds In Seattle

December 13, 2022

Selecting custom faux wood blinds for your Seattle house gives you window treatments that are perfectly sized. However, customizing involves a good deal more than how they fit. Faux wood blinds from Sunburst Shutters Washington consist of a range of customizable elements to make certain they function and look exactly the way you want.

Selecting A Mode of Operation For Your Custom Faux Wood Blinds In Seattle

Dark wood blinds in the front entryway

Quality blinds are simple to operate. You are able to direct them up for a clear view and pull them down again for lower light levels and privacy. You can even turn the slats for a little bit of light that you can reposition away from your vision. But the operating system you pick will decide how you control your blinds.

Sunburst’s custom faux wood blinds for Seattle come with two modes of operation:

  • Corded lift
  • Cordless lift

Corded options have one cord to raise or lower your blinds and an additional cord if you wish to tilt the slats for sunlight management. Many homeowners like the wand for slat adjustment, so there’s no confusion about two cords. You can bypass cords entirely with cordless blinds that you adjust by pulling or pushing the bottom rail to raise or lower them.

Choosing Your Faux Wood Blinds Color

Light faux wood blinds in a corner of a kitchen

Faux wood blinds can be found in five shades of white and five wood stain choices. These neutral possibilities make it a breeze to find one that complements your home decor.

Wood stains have a time-honored appearance and impart a richness and warmth to a room. They may seem elegant or natural. You might attempt to match your custom faux wood blinds to existing wood elements in your home. Or choose a white that feels clean and bright. White blends with everything but fits remarkably well with coastal, modern, and minimalist interiors.

Additionally, you are able to choose complementary cords, tassels, wands, and valances to go with your blinds. Your custom window covering specialist can demonstrate some examples to help you figure out the right color scheme.

We Are Able To Help You Determine The Perfect Custom Faux Wood Blinds For Your Property

For quality custom faux wood blinds in Seattle, start with an on-site appointment with Sunburst Shutters Washington. One of our window treatment experts will go to your home to present products and talk about how our blinds will look on your windows. To request your free appointment today, call 360-464-2277 or complete the following form.