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Dormer window with white Polywood shutters in a small and pink-styled attic room.

How To Select Window Treatments For Dormer Windows In Seattle?

October 27, 2022

Dormer windows are a distinctive design aspect of your home. They offer an appealing touch sunlight into the upper reaches of your home. Numerous dormers are attached to a loft or possibly an upstairs bedroom. Others might simply be part of an unused space for storage. Choosing the proper window treatments for dormer windows is based on how you utilize the room.

While the selection is totally yours to make, you might think about plantation shutters and roller shades for the following reasons.

Louvered Shutters Are An Ideal Pick for Dormers

Dormer window with white Polywood shutters. Inside an attic room. 

Do your dormer windows link to attic storage? Are you contemplating remodeling the area into a home gym or study area? Whatever the case may be, Polywood® louvered shutters will be an excellent selection for dormer windows. Reflect on these benefits:
  • Polywood products deliver excellent energy efficiency thanks to an innovative weatherstripping that makes a tight seal along the border. In a traditionally draftier area, you will be happy to have the steadier temps and the lower energy bills.
  • Interior shutters can be customized to various shapes and sizes. Dormer windows can differ greatly. While many may be a normal square or rectangular opening, many are arched at the top, circles, or consist of sharply slanted sides.
  • If you would like optimal command over exterior light, plantation shutters are a superior selection. You can swing out the panels totally for a flood of sunshine or adjust the slats to achieve the perfect degree of privacy and illumination.
  • A special style of window needs a similarly attractive window treatment. The classic white finish of Polywood shutters looks great with all types of architecture and interior design. A louvered shutter looks great both on the inside and from the outdoor areas around your house.

Interior shutters are sensible for various reasons but you do have other options to think about.

Choose Roller Shades For Dormer Windows in Seattle

brown print of roller shade on a small window
Sleek and versatile, Roller shades are smart window treatments for dormer windows. They are available in numerous color and opacity options. You can use them to accommodate any kind of interior decor or color arrangement. In the event your dormer sheds light into a bedroom, you’ll likely want to consider a blackout roller shade so you may snooze.

In many instances, the area in front of the window might be perfect for a piece of furniture like a dresser. With that in mind, a low-profile shade or customized shutter will fit admirably. If you want to add some bonus functionality, pick a roller shade with convenient, remote motorized operation.

Discover The Right Window Treatment For Your Dormer Window In Seattle

Direct the sunshine in your converted study or bring a bit of efficiency to your home’s upper reaches with the best window treatments for your dormer windows in Seattle. At Sunburst Shutters Washington, we give you the perfect products for every type of window in your house. Give us a call at 360-464-2277 or submit the form on this page to arrange your complimentary on-site consultation.