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Leading Window Treatments For Double Hung Windows In Seattle

March 30, 2021

If Seattle has enjoyable outside conditions, it’s nice to get clean air and sunshine entering your home from the top of your double-hung windows. However, the vast majority of window coverings obstruct the upper pane when you pull them down for privacy.

To get privacy without blocking your window tops, consider Polywood plantation shutters or unique top-down and bottom-up shades. These window treatments for double-hung windows in Seattle give you the best control of the light, airflow and privacy of your space.
Plantation shutters in a dining room

Easily Adjust Light And Airflow With Plantation Shutters

Similar to double-hung windows, you have the option of opening plantation shutters in two distinct manners: swing each panel to allow complete light or keep them secured together and adjust the louvers using the tilt bar for privacy and filtered light. Either way, you welcome in fresh air if you slide open the top or bottom sash on a standard double-hung window. For the best air circulation, open up your panels and move both the upper and lower sashes so refreshing cool air comes in at the lower section, and hotter air exits through the upper section.

Interior shutters offer functionality for different window types including double-hung tilt windows. Swing your shutters at the hinge and tilt the window back for ventilation. If you see fit, ask the installation team about mounting your treatments with an outside mount so you can slightly open the panes while the panels are closed. Don’t forget, you can still tilt the louvers to reach your desired lighting and privacy settings.

You also have the choice to implement a split rail in the middle of each shutter. Then you can open one section of the panel to bring in sunshine while leaving the other part of the panel closed to protect your privacy.

Roman shades in a Seattle bedroom

Get the Air Circulation And Privacy You Want With Top-down/Bottom-up Roman Shades

Top-down/bottom-up Roman shades can open from the top and bottom, in a comparable manner to your double-hung windows. This makes them perfect for these types of windows when your goal is better airflow and light control without giving nosy neighbors a view into your home.

Open your windows at the top and bring down your Roman shade to welcome a gentle breeze and natural light while maintaining privacy with the window covered at the bottom. Another option is to leave a small gap in the bottom and top of your window and shade for optimal airflow while leaving most of the window covered.

Knowing that you will keep your top-down/bottom-up window treatments in full-cover mode during many hours of the day, it’s advisable to install an option as beautiful as Roman shades. The distinctive pleats and array of material, color, and pattern choices make Roman shades an eye-catching window covering for your Seattle home that you and your guests will enjoy.

Cellular shades in a Seattle dining room

Keep Out Drafts With Top-down/Bottom-up Honeycomb Shades

Double-hung windows offer excellent ventilation when the weather is nice, but those adjustable sashes can lead to more drafts than other window styles. One solution is top-down/bottom-up cellular shades. Commonly referred to as honeycomb shades, cellular shades have little compartments or cells that catch exterior air flowing past your window panes.

This clever design also minimizes the loss of your interior air. By doing so, these treatments help keep your interior temperature stable and your HVAC expenses down.

The impressive energy-saving ability makes top-down/bottom-up cellular shades sought-after Seattle window treatments on double-hung windows all year long. Pull them open along with your window sashes for fresh air when the weather is nice and close them to shield your Seattle home from uncomfortable outside air when the weather changes.

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