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Brown shades in contemporary room

Picking Window Treatments in Seattle for a Contemporary Room

May 02, 2016

When your home’s style is contemporary, you want your window treatments to be that same style as well. We sat down with Jane Cunningham, Room Resolutions' principal designer, to better understand the process of selecting window treatments for contemporary rooms in Seattle.

Contemporary décor covers a range of styles that are inspired by the second half of the 20th century. Its main features are its softer, cleaner lines. According to Jane, contemporary doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Usually, homeowners are trying to open the room up. Her clients have said things like, “I don’t need an ottoman by every chair.” Or “I don’t have to have 15 items on the counter of my house.”

Contemporary spaces “give you the freedom to move.” Even if you live in a small condo, you can bring the outdoors inby expanding your view of the sun, the rain, and the outdoors in Seattle.

The first step is to unclutter your windows. The windows in your grandparents’ house had many layers. There were shades on top of shutters, valances, and sheers. It can be claustrophobic. Get rid of the layers. Choose window treatments that have clean lines. And get the contemporary look you’ve always wanted.

Contemporary Window Treatment Options In Seattle:

Shutters For Contemporary Homes

 Contemporary room with white plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are great for contemporary homes in Seattle. The 4.5” louvers go with a contemporary style. When you add a rear mount tilt rod to their wide louvers, your windows have clean lines across them from the shutters.

Shutters give you light control. The panels can be swung open to the side so that you’ll see through your entire window. Another option is to have divided shutters where the light streams in through the top.

It’s easy to clean shutters, which is something to consider if the windows are usually dusty. Contemporary décor looks its best when all the items are tidy and polished.

Cunningham recommends Polywood shutters to clients interested in window treatments for contemporary rooms. They’re her preferred shutter because their colors stay true and they don’t warp over the years.

A trend that Cunningham has noticed is that reclaimed wood shutters are becoming popular in contemporary rooms. They provide a bit of nostalgia. They highlight the restorative use of hardware. They go well with hardwood flooring to bring together the entire room. With reclaimed wood shutters, you can take something from the past, revisit and reuse it. The idea of using reclaimed wood as shutters plays into the contemporary style.

Modern Barn Doors

[White modern barn door|Modern barn door in bedroom|Bedroom with white modern barn door]466]

Barn doors are a full scale masterpiece on the wall. Choose as bold of a color as you want. You can have the restorative look. Or make it look just like a traditional barn door. And you can give it a contemporary feel that matches the hotel you just stayed at.

Modern barn doors can be used as room separators where you that often don’t have full doors. For example, when you want to close off your kitchen but not all the time.

Barn doors as window coverings are perfect for large windows with adequate wall space. Shaker doors have an open feel that is reminiscent of a more contemporary style. Hardware makes a difference. Pick stainless steel to make it look more contemporary. Or choose a bold color of paint. For example, if the entire room is shades of white, a bright red barn door would pop on the wall and contributes to the space.

“Barn doors add a conversation piece. The next gathering you have, I guarantee someone is going to have a comment. That’s because people aren’t expecting a barn door on a window.” - Jane Cunningham

Cunningham knows from experience that our homes are part of who we are. They’re also an experience we can share with our guests. And a barn door is a portion of that experience - and something your guests will be talking about.

Roller Shades

Patterned roller shades in a contemporary room 

Roller shades are a great window treatment for contemporary rooms that have large windows and doors that can be folded into themselves. They’re tucked away and help you bring in the outside view.

If you enjoy sleeping with total room darkness so you can get a peaceful night’s sleep, roller shades can come with room darkening liners. And if you need to dampen sounds, combine them with draperies that can be hidden from sight on the sides of the windows.

Window Film

 A modern home with window film

Most contemporary rooms in the Seattle area contain large windows that are 25-30 feet in height. And when they face west, the sun wear down the items inside.

Jane suggests window film to her clients with rooms that have large windows. It gives you a full view of the outdoors, which is perfect for a contemporary room.

The film also blocks UV rays, which helps your carpeting and furniture retain their color longer. And it helps your home save energy.

Purchase Contemporary Window Treatments For Your Seattle Home

Call us at 360-464-2277 to arrange your free in-home design consultation. Our professionals will show you samples of the contemporary window treatment options we carry and that you’re looking for. So you can buy the window treatment that’s perfect for your home!

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