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White Polywood shutters above a bath tub.

The Best Awning Window Treatments In Seattle

June 20, 2022

Awning windows in Seattle are known to be hard to cover while still taking advantage of their many perks. They are hinged above the glass and open outward from the lower end as you manipulate a crank. You frequently find them higher in a room than most window types and in high humidity areas like kitchens and bathrooms where you want additional airflow. You will also find they’re usually wider than they are tall.

Versatile Polywood® plantation shutters are perfectly equipped to the difficulties faced by awning window treatments in Seattle. They move simply and with little effort, accommodate the different measurements of awning windows, and offer a defense against water damage. Explore why Polywood shutters are your top pick for awning window treatments.

Polywood Shutters Are Easy To Use On Awning Windows

White large Polywood shutters in a modern bathroom. 

Awning windows are intended to offer plenty of light and air circulation, so you wouldn’t install window treatments that limit those benefits. Polywood shutters are perfect as they offer multiple means to adjust exterior light, ventilation, and privacy. You are able to swing open their louvered panels away from the glass in the event you want total sunlight or a nice breeze from your awning windows or tilt open their louvers for partial illumination. If your awning windows are higher up your walls, sunlight could infiltrate at an awkward angle. Adjustable louvers can divert sunlight if it causes glare on a reflective surface or shines in your eyes.

When your awning windows are further up the wall, shutters will still be simple to use. There’s no need to reach the highest point of the window to close them like you would with alternative products like shades. All you have to do is manipulate the panels and louvers by grabbing the tilt rod from any spot you have access to. Shutters don’t have cords that may swing and catch on your cranking assembly either!

Polywood Shutters Accommodate Wider Awning Windows For Great Insulation

Wide white Polywood shutters inside a bathroom. 

Since awning windows are typically wider than they are tall, you commonly won’t locate off-the-shelf products that accommodate them properly. Use hand-designed interior shutters instead. Their frame is fabricated to your window’s exact proportions to ensure a ideal fit. This exacting craftsmanship looks better and inhibits spaces for sunlight or drafts to get through. The components may also be customized to accommodate your awning window cranking mechanism, so it’s freely accessible.

Polywood shutters have the extra benefit of exclusive weatherstripping that brings another level of insulation if you shut them. This insulating system helps keep the room at a comfortable temperature and saves you money on energy expenses.

Polywood Shutters Won’t Crack Or Warp From Humidity

White Polywood shutters in a large modern kitchen 

You’ll often notice Seattle awning windows in kitchens or bathrooms for extra airflow. However, the moisture and warmth in these rooms has the ability to ruin fabric and wood window treatments. This isn’t a problem with Polywood shutters! Their faux material and tough exterior coating doesn’t crack, discolor, or warp from moisture and heat. You can place them on awning windows in close proximity to the shower or over the kitchen sink, and they’ll stay immaculate for as long as you stay in the house.

Long-lasting Polywood shutters are easy to clean, as well, even when your awning windows are difficult to reach. In lieu of removing them to wash like cloth materials or struggling to clean them with vacuum-powered brush feature like shades, just clean them with an protractible duster. If it ever happens that your kitchen or bathroom shutters get sticky, all they need is an easy clean with a dampened cloth.

Sunburst Shutters Washington Has The Best Awning Window Treatments For Seattle Properties

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