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What's The Best Window Treatment For Casement Windows In Seattle?

February 01, 2023

Many residents like casement windows due to their classic European style and ability to fully open for unsurpassed ventilation. These windows are known for being hinged on a particular side and move in or out when they open and close. In addition, they generally are more compact than a usual window.  They are functional and attractive, but it can be challenging to locate the right window treatment for a casement window in Seattle.

The positive news is this: there are window treatments that will work well for your home. By choosing an interior shutter or window shade, you can preserve the character of your casement window and still enjoy privacy and control over exterior light.

What To Think About When Choosing Casement Window Treatments In Seattle

Two casement windows covered by plantation shutters in bathroom.

You don’t want to limit the operability or allure of your windows by choosing the wrong product. To discover the best casement window treatments, keep the following in mind:

  • Window function: How do your windows open and shut? Do they utilize a crank, handle, or lever? The proper window treatment will offer easy access to this mechanism and permit the window to open effortlessly.
  • Depth of the window: Not every casement is identical, and you’ll have varying depths between the window pane and the wall. Some sorts of window treatments might not be suitable for the space.
  • Coverage and light management: You seek complete coverage for your window but should also take advantage of the abundance of sunshine and air circulation that casement windows provide. Choose something flexible that is easy to open but won’t move in the breeze while still achieving your desired level of light control.

Top Window Treatments For Casement Windows

Because casement windows tend to vary widely with different opening mechanisms, hinge positions, and window depths, it’s typically most advantageous to request an on-site consultation for custom window treatments to decide on your ideal solution. Even so, there are some suitable window treatments for casement windows in Seattle. Here are two great options. 

Plantation Shutters For Casement Windows

Three casement windows covered by custom plantation shutters.

You just can’t go wrong with plantation shutters for casement windows in Seattle. They make sense regardless of whether your window is hinged at the bottom, top, or side. Plantation shutters can even be adapted to fit any operating system.

Installation is also adaptable because you can install them within your window jamb or directly on the frame. Because plantation shutters are solid, long-term additions, you will never need to worry about hanging fabric fluttering in the air or knocking against the frame or window. And you are able to pick from white Polywood® or wood shutters that are painted or stained to coordinate with your decor. 

Plantation shutters also deliver a whole new world of coverage and light control. Would you find it helpful to have ventilation flowing but with reduced levels of outside light? No problem! Simply open your casement window, keep the panels of the interior shutter secured, and then turn the slats to let in fresh air and your preferred level of illumination. You’ll only attain this type of control with plantation shutters for casement windows.

Treat Your Casement Windows With Cellular Shades

Blue chest of drawers inform of a casement window covered by neutral colored cellular shades

Cellular shades are another excellent window treatment selection for casement windows. They come in a wide range of styles and colors, making it a cinch to find one that matches the decor of your space. A cellular shade also remains in place wherever you put the lift bar, avoiding the frustration of your window treatment interfering with the opening device.

Cellular shades also help save energy. The honeycomb-shaped cells of the shade capture air, protecting against heat loss and providing insulation to your casement window. This helps regulate the temperature in the area, keeping it consistent all year long and lessening cooling and heating bills.

Find Window Treatments For Casement Windows In Seattle

Find the perfect window treatment for your casement windows by turning to the experts at Sunburst Shutters Washington. We have plantation shutters, shades, blinds and other products for you to choose from. Contact us at  360-464-2277 to request your complimentary, in-home consultation, and we’ll bring samples of our products straight to you.